Rhone River

Avignon France Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The Rhone River is one of the two most important rivers in Europe.  It flows from Lake Geneva in Switzerland west to Lyon and then south through Avignon France to the Mediterranean Sea.  Being the only large river to flow into the Mediterranean Sea, it had enormous economic, military and social significance.

Among the many bridges that crossed the Rhone River was the world-famous Avignon Bridge (Pont d'Avignon).

Rhone River at Avignon France
Pont d'Avignon on the Rhone River, Provence France

Many visitors to France like to take River Cruises along the Rhone River, some of which depart from Avignon.

A free shuttle boat called the Navette Fluviale transports passengers across the Rhone river during the summer months.  Its departs from a boat pier located near the Avignon Bridge.

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