Avignon Bridge

Avignon France Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The world-famous bridge in Avignon France is officially called "Pont St. Benezet".  It is the subject of a very famous song that is known by children around the world entitled: "Sur le Pont d'Avignon".

The bridge, built in the 12th century, once spanned the beautiful Rhone River.  Much of it was washed away by flooding over the centuries, however, four of the original 22 arches still remain.

Avignon Bridge - Pont St. Benezet
Pont St Benezet, Avignon France

Visitors to Avignon France can either enjoy a relaxing walk along the Rhone river and magnificent views of the bridge from various angles.

Alternatively, one can pay a small fee (4.50 euro) to walk (or dance) on the famous bridge.

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